Our Artisan Neapolitan Pizzas are naturally leavened with a “Mother” strain of the starter yeast called “Camaldoli” which comes from Naples, Italy. Its origin goes back to the 1800’s where the first pizzas were made. Very are only the pizzerias in the Panama make it the old fashion way, using natural yeast, which is allowed to ferment over 24-48 hours to develop its flavor and unique style crust.

We at RetroGusto’s are proud to adhere to the standards of the old school pizzerias and the art and craft of the great Pizzaiolis who started the legacy over a hundred years ago in Naples, Italy – the birthplace of pizza.

We vow to carry on this legacy and provide you with traditional style of pizzas from Naples, in Boquete,Panama and more…

Our pizzas are crafted in the tradition of Naples, Italy – the birthplace of pizza. They are 12” wide. The pizzas may have arred-blistered appearance, which is normal and should not be thought of as burnt…enjoy.